Relaxed performances

  • What is a Relaxed performance?
  • Relaxed performances are primarily designed for patrons who may be concerned about attending a regular performance and may find visiting a theatre daunting. They are informal performances that are designed to benefit patrons with additional needs, especially those on the autistic spectrum, those who may make involuntary noises, or anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed environment.

    Depending on the show, slight alterations are made to the performance though the overall content will not change. House lights are normally left on low and strobe lighting may be removed. Loud noises or explosions are either taken out entirely or reduced. The audience are free to go in and out as needed and late-comers rules will be relaxed. Making noise during the performance will not be discouraged.

    There are additional staff members on hand to assist as required, and chill out areas are provided for anyone who may become overwhelmed by the performance. In addition, visual stories like these will be sent to all bookers in advance, with detailed information and photos of both the theatre and the show.
  • Finding out when Relaxed performances are
  • Only some venues and shows offer Relaxed performances. Any Relaxed performances will have this Relaxed logo next to it in brochures and online. There is a full list of all Relaxed performances currently scheduled at ATG theatres here. The only exception is Autism-friendly performances at The Lion King - to find out about and book these, please email the Lyceum or call us. Our dedicated Access team will also be aware of when all Relaxed performances are and will be able to assist with requests, so you can always call our dedicated Access booking line 0333 009 5399 (Calls cost 7p per minute, plus your phone company's access charge) or typetalk number 18001 0333 009 5399.


Touch Tours

  • What is a Touch Tour?
  • Touch Tours give patrons who are visually impaired the opportunity to go up on stage and touch parts of the set and any major pieces of scenery, props and costumes that are used. This is to help audience members to immerse themselves in the imaginary world presented on stage.
  • Finding out when Touch Tours are
  • Not all shows have Touch Tours. To find out when Touch Tours are and to book a place, please contact your theatre’s Access Champion here.
  • Booking a place on a Touch Tour
  • Please book a place on a Touch Tour by contacting the theatre’s Access Champion here.

Orientation Visits

  • What is an Orientation Visit?
  • Orientation Visits are beneficial to anybody who would feel more confident about their visit to the theatre if they had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the venue beforehand. They enable patrons to have a tour of the venue prior to their visit, ask any questions, and learn a bit more about what they can expect from the theatre environment. They will cover a typical patron’s ‘journey’ from booking and collecting tickets to visiting the auditorium, the bars, chill out areas and accessible toilets. 

    Anyone attending an upcoming performance and who feels they’d benefit from an Orientation Visit can attend or request one – simply contact your theatre’s Access Champion. They can be arranged for individuals or groups depending on your needs. Orientation Visits are especially beneficial for patrons who use a wheelchair, for groups with additional needs, for patrons on the autistic spectrum, or for those who are going to attend a relaxed or assisted performance.
  • When Orientation Visits are held
  • Orientation Visits are usually organised on an ad hoc basis. The majority of Orientation Visits will be arranged between 10am and 6pm on weekdays. It may be possible to arrange Visits at alternative times but if it's prior to a performance it would mean that other audience members would be in the theatre at that time.
  • Booking an Orientation Visit
  • Please request an Orientation Visit well in advance of the performance by contacting your theatre’s Access Champion here. It is essential that you contact the theatre in advance in order to ensure that staff members are available to assist you and that access can be gained into the auditorium. We cannot guarantee an Orientation Visit without pre-booking.

Chill out area

  • What is a Chill out area?
  • Wherever possible we provide a chill out or quiet space in our theatres. This may be particularly beneficial for patrons with additional needs. If patrons would like to leave the auditorium during the performance they can always use the bars or foyer spaces to watch the show on monitors, if these are available. Dedicated chill out areas will be provided for every Relaxed performance.

  • Contacting the venue about using a Chill out area
  • Even if we don’t have a dedicated Chill out area for regular performances, if you think you might need a Chill out area, please contact the theatre’s Access Champion in advance to discuss your specific requirements and we will do our best to arrange something suitable for you.

At Seat Service 

  • What is At Seat Service?
  • This can be provided for any patrons with an Access requirement. Our friendly staff can arrange for refreshments to be brought to your seat, both before the performance and during the interval. They will take your order for drinks, ice cream, merchandise or kiosk items and can bring it to you in your seat. 

  • Arranging At Seat Service
  • You do not need to book At Seat Service in advance. Please request this on arrival with any member of staff at the performance you attend. There will be no need to pay more for these refreshments, but we can only accept cash at present.

Theatre staff on hand to help

Theatre staff will endeavour to help you in any way they can. Please ask for anything you need and they will do their very best to assist you.
Additional ways we will be able to help you:
-   Friendly and helpful advice and service. 
-   Book taxis or assisting you into a taxi. 
-   Provide one to one sighted guiding. 
-   Show you to your seats or facilities. 
-   Store equipment and make sure it is available when you need it. 
-   Regular checks that you are comfortable.