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The Bonkers Biking Boot Camp (The BBBC)

By Patrick Kennedy

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Part 3

Gloria Gaynor and Me

Today is the day!  Weeks of mental and physical preparation will truly be put to the test tonight when I hit the long and winding (and very hilly, I've just been informed.......) road from London to Brighton.  How am I feeling, you ask?  In the words of Gloria Gaynor: First I am afraid, I am petrified, keep thinking I could never cycle from London to Brighton over night but then I spent so many nights working out in the gym and I grow  strong and I learn how to cycle along AND SO YOU'RE BACK... FROM OUTER SPACE..  I JUST WALKED IN TO FIND YOU HERE WITH THAT SAD LOOK UPON YOUR FACE..

Sorry.  Got distracted.

The Week That Was

I won't bore you with the details of my time at the gym as it's really not that interesting unless you're a fan of sweat, tears and blood and if you are, there are other blogs dedicated to that.  Instead, I thought it would be nice to give a low down on our charitable efforts over the past week.
Imogen and I (from Team Digital WHOOP REPRESENT) visited Passion Play at the Duke of Yorks and did a bucket shake for MacMillan - the managers, staff and patrons were all absolutely wonderful to us and we really appreciated their donations.  In addition to this, we had the most insanely incredible bake sale in the Vauxhall office.  Many, many a glorious cake was made and many, many (nearly all!) were consumed.  We raised a tasty total of £214.54!

What Not To Wear

Hey guess what.... I suddenly thought to myself yesterday: what should I wear for this fabulous, glamorous bike ride to Brighton?  Thoughts consisted of my beautiful zebra print Versace trousers, or maybe my American Appareil American flag leggings matched with a snazzy Rihanna t-shirt... but apparently, according to my colleagues, those are not usual wear.  In fact, the word ‘lycra' was mentioned as a staple part of the cycling ensemble.  It was at this point that I frantically and desperately tried to log on to unsubscribe from the race.  Now listen.  I am not a malicious person and I will strike down the first person who says that I am, but I simply can't impose my form in lycraupon the world.. I mean no-one has done anything so dreadful to me that I would wish it upon them.  But alas, I have bowed to team pressure and my wonderfully handsome and incredibly fit friend Panos Loizou rescued me and donated some padded lycra shorts (padding being especially important for reasons which are about to become all too clear to me), some snazzy cycling trainers (my high-tops were not appropriate apparently) and a very tight lycra cycling shirt.  There will be no official photos of this but if you're curious, it will not be too dissimilar to this.

Hey?  Guess what else you need?

Then I got to thinking... hmmm... what else do I need to cycle to Brighton apart from the outfit?  Food?  Nope, got that.  Drink?  Yup, got that.  Outfit?  Got that.  Phone?  Yeah, I'll pack that.  What on earth could it be?  Ohhhh yes... that's what I definitely need but don't yet have.


That's right.  Yours truly only realised last night that I don't own a bike or any of the safety equipment to go with it.  Brilliant.  So essentially what should be a cycle to Brighton will become a walk to Brighton or, if times is ‘ard, a Boris Bike.  

Thank my lucky stars, my saving grace in the form of my Greek Adonis darling actor friend, Vlach Ashton, came to my rescue with his rather snazzy, super light, beautiful racing bike.  In addition to the bike, he gave me a helmet (always good when cycling through central London!), lights and a full on safety demo.  The only problem I had when I collected it today was that the saddle was just a tad too high (Vlach is well over 6ft and I am a measly 5'9) so a speedy trip to the local bike shop sorted that out and I was on my way.  The darling sweet chap in the bike shop did the alterations and a quick once over (the bike... not me... unfortunate though as he was handsome) and all for free for charity.  Brilliant!

Let's go!

It's time to get going.  Thanks for the huge wave of support from everyone... It's going to be emotional!

So I've got the outfit, I've got the fitness, I've got the bike and now... I reveal to you my CYCLING PLAYLIST!  This is what will see me through the night and into the early morning reception at Theatre Royal Brighton (champagne breakfast promised!):

What Happens Next?

And that's it.  That's all I can do for now.  Wish me luck, faithful readers.  I'll need it.  But don't you worry yourselves, I will be blogging next week with all the news on how the cycle went - if I survive. 
Checking out until then.

OH GOD!!!!!

(Pssssssssst... you've still got time to donate!)

Donate to Macmillan Cancer Support and Team ATG here

(Don't miss the first of the series: Part 1 of Pat's training blog here).

(More excitement in store: Part 2 of Pat's training blog here).

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