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Michael Williams

Michael Williams Overview

Michael Williams started his singing career in church as a young boy. His parents were fans of The Drifters, little did Michael realise when he was growing up, that one day he would become a singer in his parents favourite group. Michael left college and went on to perform and record as a solo artist. Michael also plays guitar and bass guitar. In 1993 Michael toured with British group UB40 in the Caribbean and ended up touring the UK and Europe as a solo performer.

Michael joined the Drifters in 2006 as an understudy and became a lead singer (high tenor) late in 2007. He has recorded lead on both of The Drifters new tracks, the first recordings in over 30 years, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For and Do You Dream of Me. Along with the rest of the group and two former members, Steve V King and Maurice Canon, they received gold discs from Sony for these new recordings.

Michael has also been ambassador to schools for three years in the USA and UK. He has a very successful solo career and has released two solo albums Find Your Wings and Celebrate with Michael Williams.

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