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Chip Hawkes

Chip Hawkes

Chip Hawkes Overview

Chip Hawkes is a member of the Tremeloes.

Len ‘Chip’ Hawkes, father of the 1990s hit-maker Chesney Hawkes, joined the band in the late 1960s. After switching from Decca to CBS Records, The Tremeloes started a successful hit run from 1967 onwards with Cat Stevens' "Here Comes My Baby"; "Hello World"; three Italian hits translated into English; and their Number one recording of an old Four Seasons' B-side "Silence is Golden". Both this last single and "Here Comes My Baby" entered the Top Twenty of the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 on CBS' co-owned Epic Records. All the band members shared vocals, though most of the songs featured either Hawkes or drummer Dave Munden as the lead singer.

The Tremeloes’ regular hits were accompanied by frequent appearances on BBC's Top of the Pops TV programme, their songs popular with younger music fans and parents rather than rock music fans. The Tremeloes are still together today: West and Munden perform their old material in concert throughout Europe with musicians from other 1960s and 1970s bands. Hawkes is also still an active performer and leads his own band Class of '64. Brian Poole still tours with his band the Electrix. Alan Blakely died in 1996.

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