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Charles Tomlin

Charles Tomlin

Charles Tomlin Overview

For many years, Jamaican theatre has been richly blessed with an incredible array of multi-talented actors and actresses. In the genre of comedy, it gets no better than Charles Tomlin. Charles helped to set the benchmark for Jamaican Comedy from his early days on stage in Jamaica, in roots comedy hit plays like "Don't Blame The Postman". He has gone on to become the star of international hit Jamaican stage plays like "Scrooge", "Betrayed" and "Maama Man". He has been called the man of many faces, the man that makes people laugh just by looking at him, the people's comedian and also the best Jamaican Comedy actor in the business. One thing is certain, when you "buck up" Charles, he is guaranteed to have you in stitches.

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Experian Hitwise Winner