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Antony Jay

Antony Jay Overview

Sir Antony Jay, CVO, is an English writer, broadcaster, director, and actor. Educated at St Paul’s School and Magdalene College, Cambridge, he joined BBC Television in 1955. Knighted in 1988 after a distinguished career as a broadcaster and in public relations, Sir Antony remains a critical political observer. With Jonathan Lyn he famously co-authored the successful British political comedies Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minister (1980–88). In 2007 Jay criticised the anti-establishment mindset of the BBC and similar media outlets such as The Guardian. He stated "we were not just anti-Macmillan; we were anti-industry, anti-capitalism, anti-advertising, anti-selling, anti-profit, anti-patriotism, anti-monarchy, anti-Empire, anti-police, anti-armed forces, anti-bomb, anti-authority. Almost anything that made the world a freer, safer and more prosperous place, you name it, we were anti it." In particular he criticised how the opinions of BBC staff "were at odds with the majority of the audience and the electorate".

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